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Beyoncé Evans
Born 1987
Residence Pontyberry
Children Jackson Jackson
Duration Series 4 -
Played by Remy Beasley

Beyoncé Evans (b. 1987) is a recurring character in Stella, and serves as an antagonist to Stella and Michael during Series 4 and Series 5.

Biography Edit

Background Edit

Beyoncé Evans was born presumably in Pontyberry to Mr and Mrs Evans in 1987. One of her parents was a sibling of Rhian Evans. She presumably grew up in Pontyberry as she is a niece of Rhian Evans and has a good deal of friends seen in Series 5. Beyoncé has a preceding reputation and one that isn't good amongst the people of Pontyberry.

Series One Edit

Beyonce doesn't make an appearance in Series 1.

Series Two Edit

Beyonce doesn't make an appearance in Series 2.

Series Three Edit

Beyonce doesn't make an appearance in Series 3.

Series Four Edit

After Michael Jackson is introduced as the love interest of Stella, Beyoncé is also introduced as something of an antagonist in the Series. Beyoncé is first shown along her aunt and recurring character, Rhian Evans. She is a client of Michael Jackson and wants to sue her former boss who she claims sexually harassed her. Despite this claim it is obviously false and Beyoncé is shown to be a very unlikeable character. When Michael Jackson slowly slips into a mid-life crisis, he buys a motorbike (reminiscent of Sean MacAskill) and rides it to a pub just outside of Pontyberry where he runs into Beyoncé Evans. She is shown to be working as a barmaid there and the two begin to flirt. She seduces Michael Jackson and the two eventually have an affair leading to her falling pregnant which is revealed in the final episode of the series. Michael's affair has a detrimental effect on his and Stella's relationship.