A list of Stella characters, sorted by their current or assumed residence.

Pen-y-Gorlan Street

  • 20 Pen-y-Gorlan Street - Aunty Brenda and Clem Draper, Cheryl Spragg.
  • 21 Pen-y-Gorlan Street - Marj and Glen Brennig.
  • 23 Pen-y-Gorlan Street - Stella and Ben Morris, Bobby Gittins, Michael Jackson and Little Alan.
  • 24 Pen-y-Gorlan Street - Nadine Bevan, Karl and Jenivive Morris.


  • 31 Plassey Street -
  • Luke's House, Peterson Road (rented from Scott Quinell) - Luke Zoe and Sophie Morgan and Jack Mack.
  • Lemon cottage - Rob Morgan and Suzanne.
  • The Frisky fox - Jagadeesh, Jasminder and Nina Choudhry.
  • Room 3, The Frisky fox - Ivan Schloss.

The UK

Other Countries

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